Some of the music i am listening to atm and some that i recommend - i have very eclectic tastes so don’t be surprised if you see High School Musical next to ACDC or Vampire Weekend.

I love to here your comments and thoughts on any thing on this website.

I am really into ACDC atm , There is just something great about driving home from work on a sunny afternoon singing along full belt to Highway to Hell.

Check out their stuff:

Personal Fav's :

Highway to Hell                       T.N.T

Hells Bells                                 Let there be Rock

 Currently Im making the most of the suggestion function on It has just introduced me to Joan Jett and The Doors and for that I am eternally grateful. If you haven’t already signed up then go do it now ! its free !.


Currently listening to The veronica's, they are big in America and are about to release there album in the UK. These girls are gonna do great over here ! I was in a club about a month ago and there single "untouched" came on, i had never heard it before but i just went mad - dancing, singing and jumping about IT WAS AWESOME ! i have now that there album playing in my car for about 3 weeks. Love them !

Personal Fav's:

Untouched                                     In another life

Revenge is sweeter                     Popular

Link :

Motley Crue, Ramones,  Katy Perry and 3oh!3 - these have pretty much kept me sane lately, i absolutely love them all. You should check out 3oh!3 their album is awesome full of happy whistling tunes to hard rock and electro. Love it !


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