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I can't wait to see: Fame, The Last Song, The Runaways, New Moon. I am so excited to see Carly Chaikin in the Last Song.

I love movies - ALL kind of movies and i would like to point you in the direction of the good ones and lead you away for the un watchables.

Below are  a few of the reviews i have already done, there will be a lot more coming soon.


Honestly the only reason i watched this movie was because Zac efron and Mathew perry were in it. But i was very pleasantly surprised that not only was it an interesting story with more dept than i had imagined but it was also very amusing and a little cringe worthy (i mean a daughter trying to rip her dads close off- that was a bit far but never the less funny) as well as Efron’s performance where he managed to incorporate Perry’s personality in to his own acting which was very impressive.
I would highly recommend and rate a 8/10

 Went to see "Knowing" Last. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, totally unexpected ending, but awesome !. Id give it a 7/10 and highly recommend you go see it. Also i dont know how many times i shouted "dont leave the kids on their own!" - you will understand when you watch it.

 This film actually knocked my socks off.
A very colourful and funnier version of Devil wears Prada with a solid love story. I expected "Confessions of a Shopaholic" to be a fashion filled production with happy as Larry characters in high paid jobs.
What it turned out to be was a self searching journey which striped down a girl who we could all relate to (perhaps not as extremely as her but never the less we can see a small part of ourselves in her) until she returned to the point that it all went wrong and start again. I genuinely loved this movie and at the end of it found my self cancelling all my store cards :D  9/10

 Before seeing this movie i didn’t think much of Matthew McConaughey and now i think even less. A lack lustre performance which if it hadn’t been for the catchy background music i would have fallen asleep. Honestly very predictable, unimpressive and bland. I don’t recommend unless your having trouble sleeping.

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