It is really hard to explain why but i really miss L.A, it is a different pace out there faster more energetic thats what i want. Everything is just to slow for me at the min. I heard a song on the radio the other day, it said "living my life at 100 miles an hour" and i thought OMG im living my life at about 13mph - its just sad. Im 20 years old and i am now ready to make my plane - my life plan that is.

My Best friend gave birth to an amazing baby girl earlier this month !  I am offically a God Mother how cool is that !

Just Bought a new sofa and chair they are cream wil pink flowers. Very Chic.

And i have a new house mate due to move in early next month, seems like a really nice guy fingers crossed we get along. Plus i could defo do with the money, my finances are a little messed up atm.

Will keep you up to date with the plan.