I worked something out last night, I worked out that:


I am an incredible indecisive person ! I want to have a lovely house with a dog and a new car with the occasional holiday but I also want to travel the world, see things, do things that scare me. I also want to work hard and have my own business, I want to have a family but I want to be alone. I want money and security but I like counting my coupons.  


The solution ….. Do it all, I have realised that I don’t need to pick what I want to do or be for the rest of my life right now. I can do everything that I want then choose how I want to live. After all that way I will never thing ….what if.


So the first part of the plan is to save as much money as possible and next summer put my room up for rent and travel. I’m not sure where I am going yet but I do know that I am going.