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About Me

Tierney My name is Tierney. I can't put my self into a category- not that i have anything against them but i just dont know who i am yet, which considering i am 20 yrs old now is a bit worrying. But i am sure that people dont just wake up on there 18th birthday and think this is the person i want to be for the rest of my life. i am : very indecisive, fidgety, i have a short attention span, i love to try new things, i am lazy, i am obsessed with American tv, i have great expectations of myself but i don’t know what they are yet, i am inpatient, i don’t care, i don’t like stressing, i love to read books - any books, i love bags and shoes and accessories and dresses and jackets and jeans and skirts and hats and sunglasses. i am a terrible singer, i always dance like there is no one there, i love my bed, I love to travel, i don’t like corners - yes i mean corners, i love fresh flowers, i don’t understand why people complain so much, i hate doing dish's, i am attached to my sidekick, Cream soda is my new favourite drink and my favourite colour is purple.

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